Types of Ringtones

To download music to your phone, see https://www.ringtonespoint.com. Click a song to hear a preview, and then click finish to save it as a ringtone. New ringtone is stored in the list and will be available to assign as default ringtone or as ringtone for individual contacts, groups and more. When it comes to make your phone truly your own, having custom ringtones is a must. You must choose one ringtone for all incoming calls or set a specific tone for each caller. You have several stock ringtones to choose from.

One you have a ringtone. Tap Home, select apps, settings, sounds & notifications. Sound default notification select a default sound for notifications. Notifications: play tones or vibration of the phone when you receive new messages. Calendar alert tone to play and the phone vibrates to remind you about events. The email notification tone only play the phone vibrates when new messages arrive. Touch sounds tones play when you tap on the screen to make a choice.

Other Types of Tones

Tone dialing: tone signals are reproduced by pressing a key on the telephone keypad.
Screen lock sounds: tones play when You tap on the screen to lock or unlock it.
Alarm: select the alert Type for emergency notifications.
Keypad tone: play tones when you press the keyboard.
When you select a melody, either from the settings menu or contacts, you can add a custom ringtone. Scroll to the bottom and press Add ringtone. You will see a list of compatible songs or audio files.